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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get massage/Raindrop/facials/waxing/makeup/lash services/do yoga?

Absolutely! Please let us know when inquiring about services if you have any illnesses, injuries, or conditions - this may affect what types of massage or facials you can do, essential oils Jackie can use or postures that can be done. Any clients under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


What are essential oils/What is Raindrop?

Essential oils are the "concentrated essence" of a plant, meaning through a process of distillation, oil is extracted from plant matter using a combination of heat, steam and pressure. Raindrop Technique is a specific protocol using nine essential oils and blends applied to the feet and back, using massage techniques.


What will happen at my treatment session?

New clients will be given an intake form to fill out, outlining their health history (or emailed beforehand). After a short discussion with Jackie, you will be instructed how to get on the massage table, and left to undress to your level of comfort (usually down to underwear for massage, from the waist up for facials) in private. Jackie will knock to reenter the room, and begin your selected treatment, where you will be covered at all times except for the area being worked on. At the end of your time, Jackie will let you know, and will exit the room so you can redress. Once you are dressed, you will come out of the treatment room for another short discussion about the session, any "homework" like stretching or skin care recommendations, and future treatment goals. You will then pay for your treatment, and book your next session if wanted.


Why do you use Young Living Essential Oils/Adirondack Aromatherapy?

Jackie has been using Young Living Essential Oils for 16 years personally and professionally for therapeutic purposes. Young Living was chosen for their commitment to product excellence, and therapeutic benefits of their oils. Adirondack Aromatherapy is a local business out of Glens Falls, NY and is committed to providing high quality essential oils at reasonable prices.


Why are you so inexpensive/expensive?

The question changes depending on who you talk to and where! For Franklin county, Jackie is at the top end of the average cost of massage, and in Chittenden county, around the average. This is due to Jackie's extensive initial massage training and numerous continuing trainings, as well as her ongoing maintenance of her professional license, credentials and certifications, and uncomprimising standard of providing the best care possible using the finest organic products.


Are you licensed in Vermont?

Jackie holds a license for Esthetics in Vermont. Vermont currently is one of only four states in the USA that DOES NOT license massage, so there is no license in Vermont for massage, just a registration on a list with the state (which Jackie is registered). Jackie holds a license in New York for massage, where she completed her initial massage training - New York currently has some of the most rigorous regulations for massage therapy in the USA.


Are you "Certified"?

Some massage therapists in Vermont call themselves CMTs, or "Certified Massage Therapists". This means that they received a certificate for completing a massage training of any length - it is not always a guarantee of a qualified, educated, skilled and safe therapist! Jackie holds, in addition to her New York State License, a Board Certification from the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, a national credential that required the passing of an extensive exam. She also is liability insured.


What if I don't like something during my treatment session?

SPEAK UP! Please let Jackie know if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your session - talking, pressure, product, temperature, music, etc - and she will happily change it. It's your session, Jackie wants you to be as comfortable as possible!


What methods of payment do you accept?

We happily accept Cash, local Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Contactless, Cash Pay and Apple Pay! 


Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Jackie does! You can either purchase them in the office, over the phone, email, or text (and then pick them up or Jackie can mail them). Or if you need one INSTANTLY, you can purchase online here!


How do I book a treatment session?

Contact Highland Bodyworks & Selkie Skincare here or book online here. ONLINE BOOKING IS CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL JACKIE RETURNS FROM SURGERY RECOVERY.

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